Our Ancestral Art

Rock art

The extraordinary diversity and wealth of the local rock art and the lack of knowledge that exists about these patrimonial places has been the main motivation to create the reproduction of these designs in ceramic pieces. In this way we contribute to the diffusion and preservation of our cultural heritage.


Ancestral heritage

We le to know to our region, our country and to our international costumers the rich heritage that is present in this zone of Chile through a different product with rich local identity.






We reproduce drawings from petroglyphs, pictoglyphs and geoglyphs that have been found on the second region of Chile, in usable and decorative ceramic pieces. We draw by hand using oxides, enamels and pigments getting the real colors and painting techniques. This makes all of our products unique.

Our products

Hand made ceramics.

Our ceramics are of high quality, hand made and in a personalized way. Every product that we made is different between each other being this our personal seal.

Hand painted ceramics.

Inspired in the anciert art of the our native people we reproduce geoglyphs, petroglyphs and pictographies. All our products are painted by hand producing unique products.


Real reproductions.

All of the images in our hand made ceramics belong to real drawings that you can find across the Antofagasta region in Chile. We have dedicated more than a decade to register and to photograph them across the desert the different spots where you can find this ancient art. By this, Kausarina contributes to the promotion of the valuable patrimony left by the first inhabitants of these lands.

About us

As the name tells, KAUSARINA (to revive), is the intention to position in the market a different product to what is traditionally offered as handcraft. We want to trespass international borders to show the wealth of our patrimony, and bring back to the present times drawings of thousand of years that were left by our ancestors that we shape as utilitarian and decorative ceramic.

We have dedicated more than a decade to traverse, discover and document the treasures of the “norte grande” (big north) in Chile. This has lead us to find the huge cultural wealth that is hidden in the harsh and beautiful landscapes of the driest desert of the planet, where life can be found through rocks and hidden valleys.

Inspired by the ancient art, through reproductions of geoglyphs, petroglyps and pictograms, Kausarina aims to contribute to the promotion of the valuable and unknown patrimony left by the Andean cultures.

High quality ceramics, personalized and hand made are our seal, products with local identity, made with dedication and high respect for what was left by our ancestors, make everyone of our pieces unique, allowing everyone who gets them to take with them a small part of our history.

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